Rental Bike Purchase Agreement

Congratulations on choosing to purchase a demo bike from the Chile Pepper Bike Shop! At the Chile Pepper Bike Shop we strive to provide you with the best value on a high quality demo product. It is very important that you read the following Purchase Agreement carefully to ensure you completely understand all of the terms. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. If you have any questions please ask a Chile Pepper Bike Shop Representative or Manager.

This Rental Bike Purchase Agreement (the “Agreement”) is made between the Chile Pepper Bike Shop (“Seller”), 702 S. Main Street, Moab, Utah 84532 and (“Buyer”):

Where did you find out about our used bikes?

Seller agrees to sell and Buyer agrees to purchase the following described used Rental Bike (the “Bike”):

Buyer expressly acknowledges and understands the Bike has been used by the Chile Pepper Bike Shop as a rental bike. The Bike is NOT a brand new bike and Seller makes no representation as such. Upon delivery to Buyer, the Bike may have visible indications of normal wear and tear but the integrity of the frame and components remains adequate for ordinary recreational use. Seller shall thoroughly inspect and professionally tune the Bike prior to shipment to Buyer. Some components and/or parts may be replaced on the Bike prior to shipment at the sole discretion of the Seller. (Please note that mountain bikes do not come with pedals)

A minimum deposit of $250.00 shall be due upon signing this Agreement.

All deposits are NON -REFUNDABLE. The remainder of the Purchase Price shall be paid prior to shipment. Buyer and Seller both acknowledge the Purchase Price reflects the nature of the Bike as a used product.

Seller shall make reasonable arrangements for shipment of the Bike with a common carrier of Seller’s choice to ship the Bike to Buyer’s address provided herein. However, Seller makes no specific representation or guaranty as to the date of shipment or delivery of the Bike. Seller shall pay for the cost of shipping to lower 48 states only. Risk of loss shall be on the Buyer from the time Seller delivers to the carrier. Sales tax will be payable if shipped to address in Utah and/or if bike is picked up directly at the bike shop.
Seller shall not be liable in any way for any delay, non-delivery or default in shipment due to labor disputes, transportation shortage, delays in receipt of components or parts, priorities, fires, accidents and other causes beyond the control of Seller or its suppliers. If Seller, in its sole discretion, will be prevented directly or indirectly, on account of any cause beyond its control, from delivering the Bike at the time specified in this Agreement, then Seller will have the right to terminate this Agreement by notice in writing to Buyer, which notice will be accompanied by full refund of all sums paid by Buyer pursuant to this Agreement.

The purchase and sale provided herein is a final sale. The Bike is not returnable for any reason. All representations and warranties of the Seller contained in this Agreement will survive the closing of this Agreement.

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