Moab has LOTS of new singletrack trails to explore!

We have maps and guide books available at the shop to help you plan your rides in Moab. Some of the maps sold are produced by Moab Trails Alliance and all proceeds from those map sales go directly to maintaining the trails!

Shuttles To These Trails Are Available: Mag 7, Moab Brands Trails, Porcupine Rim, LPS, Kokopelli, Hazzard County, Burro Pass (Whole Enchilada)


Slickrock Bike Trail

The quintessential Moab ride, Slickrock bike trail is entirely on petrified sand dunes and is an amazing and unique riding experience! You can access the trail from the shop via the local bike path and avoid the busy traffic encountered on Moab’s Main Street.  We have a free map you can pick up at the shop.

The Whole Enchilada (Porcupine Rim, LPS, UPS, Kokopelli, Jimmy Keen Flats, Hazard, Burro Pass):

Locals favorite! This trail network is world renowned and when ridden in its entirety is an epic 33 mile ride starting at 11,200 feet in our beautiful La Sal mountain range descending to 4,000 feet at the Colorado river. (The ‘whole’ Whole Enchilada is seasonal and weather dependent).  Depending upon where you are getting shuttled to it’s 21 to 33 miles from trail head drop off point back to town. As the season progresses and the snow melts the shuttle drop off rises. This trail is a mix of technical terrain including rock ledges, sandstone, dirt and awesomeness.

Amasa Back Trail – including Captain Ahab, Hymasa, Rockstacker, Jacksons, and Pothole Arch trails:

This is another local favorite and a fantastic ride year round!  You can ride to this area from the shop(add 9 miles). Prepare for absolutely amazing views, a mixture of slickrock and dirt, with plenty of ledges and technical terrain. There are a multitude of ways to ride this area, please stop in and get the run down from our staff at the shop. When riding Jacksons you will need to get a trail update, sometimes the exit is flooded from the Colorado river.

Magnificent 7 (Mag 7)(Bull Run, Arth’s Corner, Great Escape, Little Canyon, Goldbar Singletrack, Portal, Getaway trails):

This is a fantastic Intermediate/Advanced trail network. You can ride it as a shuttle or a loop and it can be moderate to extremely challenging depending upon which trails you choose to ride. Most riders take a shuttle to the top of Gemini Bridges Road and ride Bull Run, to Great Escape, to Little Canyon and exit out Gemini Bridges Road ending at the Moab Brands trail area. You can also choose the super tech version and continue the ride from Little Canyon up Gold Bar Singletrack for Advanced moves and double the ride length. This advanced route will end on the infamous Portal Trail an extremely technical downhill trail which begins with extreme exposure (walk your bike! … seriously, walk your bike) and ends with super rugged downhill. The Portal Trail ends on the Potash Road (Hwy 279) where you will hopefully have a vehicle stashed because you are going to be tired!

Bartlett Wash and Jedi Slickrock:

An amazing play area of sandstone north of town. This is Moab’s best freeride area. There isn’t a set route and you can just ride where you like on the vast sand stone. The Barlett area is fine for Intermediate to Advanced riders. There are few famous areas known as the Mushroom Drop (very large drop feature), the Super Bowl (huge wall ride area), and the Toilet bowl (steep shoot). Bring your camera to show your friends how rad you are!


Raptor Route:

Moab’s newest singletrack provides an alternate route from Porcupine Rim. 3 trails link up to provide some of the area’s best views, longest downhills and amazing desert flow. The trail is 10 miles long with 2,500 feet of descending, this mostly blue trail weaves through Juniper pinyon forest, rocky landscapes and edges of deep Utah canyons. Don’t be fooled by the blue rating; this trail will keep you on your toes the entire time. Several difficult features are found throughout this ride. It can be either ridden as a loop, using the road to climb. It can also be shuttled yourself or with Coyote Shuttles when they are running. This is a great option if you are looking for a flowy alternate route down from the Whole Enchilada.

Navajo Rocks Trail Network (Rocky Tops, Ramblin, Big Mesa, Big Lonely, Coney Islands trails):

Get ready for awesome views and super fun riding! This trail network is a combination of slickrock and dirt/small ledgy terrain. The preferred ride is a clockwise loop on the Ramblin and Rocky Tops trails which when combined is about 9.5 miles and 2.5 hours long. You can add any of the other trails in the area to extend your ride. Stop by the shop for our recommendation of the direction and order to ride them.

Horsethief Trail System

Trail system near the Horsethief campground off Highway 313. Several intertwined loops of mixed terrain; generally easier and quieter than the adjacent Navajo Rocks or Mag 7 trail systems.

Sovereign Trail System (Sovereign Trail Singletrack, Saltwash Singletrack and Garden Mesa):

Mixture of singletrack, slickrock and some double track with moderate technical features. Wide panorama views of mountains and desert area north of Moab. There are several ways to link the trails together. This is a fun area to build skill as there are many graduated ledges and lots of corners for honing your skills!

Klondike Bluffs Trail System

This is a fantastic area with a lot of variety. You can spend all day or just go for a quick ride. You can check out real Dinosaur Tracks while you are out on your ride in a few locations too! We will show you where the dino track sites are on the map when you come by the shop. The Klondike Bluffs area has beginner to high-end intermediate trails and is a blend of slab slickrock and dirt. The majority of the riding is on sandstone and has moderate technical moves. There are also a few great beginner trails as well.

Pipe Dream:

This fun in town trail can be started from within a ½ mile of the bike shop. Pipe Dream trail is a semi-technical singletrack trail that runs along the base of the cliff wall on the SW side of town. It can be ridden as an out and back or make it a big loop by including Hidden Valley to Moab Rim back to town. It makes a fantastic second ride of the day.

Flat Pass:

Not Flat…  This is a great intermediate ride when it is hot because it has several creek crossings. It has a secluded feel and wonderful views of the mountains and Moab Rim. It is on a shared technical jeep route and is primarily rocky ledges and dirt.

Monitor Merrimac:

Check out the amazing dino tracks when you ride this area. The route is loose and not well marked, so keep your landmarks in site to get back to the beginning. Ride across Uranium Arch if you can find it!  There is a lot of fun flowy slickrock terrain, some dirt and ledges on the east side up to and along the cliff edge. On the west side around the back there are even dino bones that you can check out! Amazing!!!!


Moab Brands Trails:

Also known as the ‘Bar M Area’, this trail network is fantastic for all skill levels. There are a variety of trails ranging from beginner to low end advanced skill levels. The terrain is varied, a few trails are entirely on slickrock terrain, a few entirely on dirt, and most of them are on a mix of both. This is a fantastic area for a mixed group, and is great for beginner riders as well. The easiest trails in this network are Rusty Spur, and the Bar M trail followed by EZ and Lazy. Some of the intermediate rides are North 40, Deadman’s, Circle O, and Sidewinder. If you are with a large group and can’t transport your bikes you can grab a shuttle to this area and ride back to town.

Dead Horse Point State Park – Intrepid Trail System:

The trail system offered at Dead Horse Point State Park is one of the most scenic and also great for all skill levels. The trails on the east side of the park are great for Beginner to Intermediate riders and are a mix of mostly dirt and some small rock ledges. The trails on the West side of the park are slightly more difficult. Pack a lunch or hit the trails later in the day to enjoy the sunset.  The park has a day use fee of $10 per vehicle. This trail is absolutely beautiful! Don’t miss out on the stunning views of the Canyonlands!

Hurrah Pass:

A scenic dirt road ride, Hurrah Pass has stunning views of canyon walls, Anasazi rock art, and once at the top of the pass the Colorado river and Canyonlands National Park.

Klonzo Trail System:

Singletrack trail system located on Willow Springs road past the parking lot to Sovereign. Flowy singletrack, great for the beginner rider seeking to ride singletrack to improve their skills.  There are a ton of very short trails that you can link together for a great beginner plus/ low-end intermediate ride.

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