Bike Rental In Moab, Utah

Standard Rentals

$79 1st day | $74 2nd day

Alloy (aluminum) bikes with standard parts. Beginner-Intermediate users.

High End Rentals

$99 1st day | $94 2nd day

Excellent bikes (alloy and carbon) with mid level parts make this category very popular. Beginner - Pro users.

Premium Rentals

$119 1st day | $114 2nd day

Carbon fiber bikes with top shelf parts. The ultimate Moab steed. Beginner - Pro users.

E-Bike Rentals

$139 1st day | $134 2nd day

Pedal assist electric mountain bikes with fantastic parts. Unlock Moab in a whole new way.

Link to E-Bike trails in the immediate Moab area:

Road & Gravel Bikes

$69 1st day | $64 2nd day

Its not all about off road riding in Moab.