Explore the Best Trails in Moab with Chile Pepper Bikes

best trails in moab chile pepper bikes

If you’re an avid mountain biker, Moab, Utah is a dream come true. The region’s diverse terrain offers a variety of trails to suit all skill levels. At Chile Pepper Bikes, we’re conveniently located for direct shuttle access to three of Moab’s top trails: Slickrock Bike Trail, Raptor Route, and Moab Brands Trails. Let’s take a closer look at these biking hotspots.

Slickrock Bike Trail: The Ultimate Moab Experience

Considered the quintessential Moab ride, Slickrock Bike Trail is an advanced trail like no other. This unique trail stretches across petrified sand dunes, offering an exhilarating and unique riding experience. You can conveniently access the trail from our shop via the local bike path, avoiding Moab’s bustling Main Street. Don’t forget to grab our free map from the shop before you embark on your adventure!

Raptor Route: Moab’s Newest Gem

The Raptor Route, Moab’s latest addition, is an intermediate trail that provides an alternate route from Porcupine Rim. Spanning 10 miles and offering a staggering 2,500 feet of descending, Raptor Route serves up some of the area’s best views and longest downhill stretches. You’ll journey through Juniper pinyon forest and rocky landscapes, along the edges of deep Utah canyons. Despite its blue rating, Raptor Route has its share of challenging features, keeping you engaged throughout. Choose to ride it as a loop or catch a shuttle with Coyote Shuttles when in operation. It’s a fantastic choice if you’re after a flowy alternative to the Whole Enchilada

Moab Brands Trails: Perfect for All Skill Levels

Also known as the ‘Bar M Area’, Moab Brands Trails cater to bikers of all skill levels, from beginners to low-end advanced riders. The network consists of trails varying in terrain, from slickrock to dirt, and a mix of both. This area is great for mixed groups and especially for beginner riders. The easiest trails in this network include Rusty Spur and the Bar M trail, followed by EZ and Lazy. Intermediate rides include North 40, Deadman’s, Circle O, and Sidewinder. If you’re with a large group and need help transporting your bikes, you can grab a shuttle to this area and ride back to town.

Each trail in Moab offers a unique biking experience. Whichever trail you choose, you’re guaranteed breathtaking views and an unforgettable adventure. Ready to hit the trails? Visit Chile Pepper Bikes today!